We come with tips from the Swedish championship, and one of them comes from the match between Hammarby and Orebro, from the stage with number 11 in Allsvenskan, a match that is scheduled from 20:00.
More details, but also the prediction found, in the From lower.

Hammarby: Team form, news and statistics

Hammarby is not in good shape at all. The team evolved very inconsistently in this start of the season, alternating the good matches with the least good ones, as well as with the results.
Hammarby comes after a clear defeat, 0-3 with Malmo, one of the fittest teams in Allsvenskan.
However, in addition to the failure of the last stage, Hammarby has other weak matches, having only 3 successes out of the 10 matches played so far.
And only one in the last 5 stages, 2-1 at Kalmar, the red lantern of the standings.
It is clear that the form is not on the side of Hammarby, but the team coached by Stefan Billborn must close the ranks and raise the level of the game.
At home, in the 5 matches played, Hammarby has only one failure, 0-2 with AIK Stockholm, 2 successes and 2 draws. It is true that apart from the lost match with the team from the Swedish capital, Hammarby did not score in the white draw with Sirius either. It is certain that the team moves better on its own field and has the strength to obtain good results even against the top teams.
The match with Orebro seems handy, only that the match will be much harder than it is announced at first sight.
I think we will have a match with goals and it is not excluded to see 3 or even 4 goals.

Orebro: Team form, news and statistics

Orebro is also on a downhill slope. The team coached by Axel Kjäl is in the middle of the ranking, on the 8th place, with 13 points collected.
However, the form is not on Orebro’s side, who has only 2 successes in the last 5 matches.
And the goal difference is negative, -1, with 9 goals scored and 10 conceded.
In the last match, Orebro drew on the field of Helsingborg, but there were 2 points lost, the hosts equalizing in the last phase of the match.
It is true, however, that Orebro was the dominant team in that game, having only 3 shots on goal.
Although the lot is valued at only 7 million euros, this is not an impediment for Orebro not to be able to aspire to the first 5-6 places.
The difference from the top 5 is only 4 points, and the championship is long. However, it is clear that Kjäl’s team must raise the level of the game and especially to be consistent.
Both as results, but especially as benefits. In the 5 away matches, Orebro collected only 4 points and scored 11 goals, with a goal difference of -6 points.
The match on the field of Hammarby promises to be difficult, but if Kjäl’s students will be careful and much more disciplined, surely Orebro can return at least one point from the fiefdom of the team to which he always gave up in the last direct disputes.

⚽️Statistics of direct matches Hammarby vs Orebro

▪️In the last 5 direct matches, Hammarby has won every time.
▪️In the last direct confrontation, the score was a definite one, 5-1 for Hammarby.

Football Prediction of the Day Hammarby vs Orebro

I think we’ll have a game. And balanced.
The 2 bands cross similar shapes, but they also had similar results.
The value is on the side of Hammarby, but the difference is not so great that this can be seen on the field. With 2 rather insecure defenses, I think the goals will not be missing.
I bet on a match with successes and implicitly goals in both goals. The odds offered by Betano are more than decent!

Bet Tips: Both teams to score
Odds: 1.72