On the one hand, the domain of ball possession. On the other, total contempt for the ball. With opposing styles, India and Bahrain will close on Monday, January 14, their participation in the qualifying phase of the 2019 Asia Cup, which is based in the United Arab Emirates. The game will be held at the Sharjah Stadium in Sharjah starting at 2:00 p.m.For the same time is scheduled the beginning of the other group A match between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. The group allows all its participants to aim for a place in the round of 16. Teams that get the first two places will guarantee this right today. The third-place finisher will need to wait for the comparison to be made between all teams that finish the initial stage in that situation. If he is among the top four he will get his place among the 16 survivors who will fight to reach the decision scheduled for February 5.The key is the leading team, who accumulated four points in the first two rounds. The second position is divided by Indians and Thais, who have won three points. The Bahrain team is in the fourth – last – placing with only one point.


The Indians certainly were the ones who produced the most offensive terms in the tournament with less time of ball possession. In their debut against the Thais, they had the ball for only 35% of the time. In that period, they tried 15 finals against 14 of the rivals and hit double (six against three). These numbers were translated accurately on the final score of the match, which showed the 4-1 win over India.In the second round, in front of the home owners, with 34% possession of the ball, but once the Indians showed how to produce chances to finish. They had nine opportunities, even the number of attempts that the home owners got by taking the ball for 66% of the game time. In the right finals, they sent three on target against two of the United Arab Emirates. They lost, however, in efficiency. None of his balls were in the net and both of the constituents resulted in goal.However, the displays have indicated that English coach Stephen Cosntantine has managed to work with the technical limitations of a cast that has not even gone so far as to fight for a place in the 2018 World Cup in Russia and certainly should not change his strategy at this Monday’s meeting, market. Even because, an equality will be enough to lead India to the last 16 of the Asian Cup.


Finding possession of the ball at any cost is not a Bahraini specialty. In the first game, against the United Arab Emirates team, when the team managed their only point in the tournament by drawing 1-1, the team had only 34% possession and remained in the lead until the final minutes of the game. second time, when a penalty kick equalized the score.However, faced with technically weaker rivals had to adapt to play differently, dominating the ball. The transition game did not bring good results. Against Thailand, when he had control of the ball most of the time (58% to 42%) he showed that he did not know much what to do in those moments. It even created a better chance of finishing (15 to 8), but lacked quality. The number of right shots was very close (three to two).This will most likely cause Czech coach Miroslav Soukup to promote changes of posture in order to face this Monday’s showdown. After all, only the victory serves to keep the team with chances of classification. Adept of the system with four defenders, two contention handwraps, three midfielders and one attacker, he should wear his socks to get closer to the attack and, in this way, create more chances to score.

Football Prediction of the Day India vs Bahrain

The selection of Bahrain has never been beaten by India. In five games, he collected four wins and one draw. The most recent duel happened in 2011 for the Asian Cup. The win was 5-2.
India’s thrashing in the first match was clearly a work of chance. The high offensive advantage against Thailand is not compatible with the technical quality of its cast. Thus, the game against the United Arab Emirates ended up being a reality shock. Bahrain, although not a first-rate team, is in a more advanced stage. Thus, the prognosis in his victory seems to be the suitable option for the match of Monday that closes the schedule of group A of the Asian Cup.

Bet Tips: India 

Odds: 1.55